Topic outline

  • General

    Anita Jansone ,,

    Rēzeknes augstskola,

    Rēzekne, Latvia)

    Goal of the course

    As information and communication technologies are developing, the volume of electronically stored and processed data grows increasingly as well as the use of it. Electronic data take the leading role in the society of information and communication technologies; therefore, the relevant topic is the quality of such data

  • Topic 1

    Data Quality Evaluation

    Total Data Quality Management model. Adjusted Deming cycle: define, measure, analyze, and improve. Data Quality dimensions definition, measurement, analyze and improve methods.

    • Topic 2

      The Quality Assurance

      Identification of Process and activities which are actual for quality assurance in the offices.

      • Topic 3

        Approach to Object Quality Evaluation

        The aim is to present an approach to data quality evaluation that is based on opinion about data quality depending on the purpose of its usage.

        • Topic 4

          Process of Business and IT

          Archives as services offices using digital documents, the quality of the service.